College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus


Physician Assistant Program

The PA Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however and whenever, it deems appropriate.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program:  144

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
ANATG 1553Human Anatomy and Embryology (with Gross Anatomy Lab)7
BIOCG 551 Human Biochemistry4
PASSG 552Behavioral Medicine1.5
PASSG 553Health Professionalism1
PASSG 556Medical Interviewing and Documentation2
PASSG 560Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine2
Fall Quarter
COREG 1560Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
PASSG 565 Clinical Medicine I4
PASSG 567Pediatrics I1.5
PASSG 577Evidence-Based Medicine Cases2
PASSG 1569Physical Diagnosis4
PHARG 566Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics I3
PHYSG 1571 Human Physiology I4
Winter Quarter
COREG 1570Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
MICRG 570Microbiology3
PASSG 570 Clinical Medicine II5
PASS 574Clinical Laboratory Medicine2
PASSG 578Pediatrics II1.5
PHARG 570Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics II3
PHYSG 1582 Human Physiology II4
Spring Quarter
COREG 1580Interprofessional Healthcare0.5
PASSG 571Therapeutic and Diagnostic Skills1.5
PASSG 573Basic Electrocardiography1.5
PASSG 575Women's Health2
PASSG 580Clinical Medicine III5
PASSG 582Emergency Medicine and Surgical Principles3
PASSG 584Psychiatric Principles1.5
PHARG 580Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics III3

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
PASSG 675Clinical Assessment Day I1
PASSG 680Preparation for Clinical Phase (PCP)1.5
PASSG 681Clinical Medicine IV2
PASSG 682Clinical Simulation2
PASSG 683Medical Genetics1
PASSG 685Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)1
PASSG 687Medical Ethics1
 Required Clinical Rotation6
Fall Quarter
PASS 665-AMaster's Portfolio1
PASSG 678Mid-Year Evaluation1
 Required and Elective Clinical Rotations12
Winter Quarter
PASS 665-BMaster's Portfolio1
PASSG 676Clinical Assessment Day II1
 Required and Elective Clinical Rotations12
Spring Quarter
PASS 665-CMaster's Portfolio1
PASSG 679End-of-Year Evaluation2
 Required and Elective Clinical Rotations12

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:12
Summer Quarter
 Required and Elective Clinical Rotations12
Required Clinical Rotations
PASSG 691Emergency Medicine6
PASSG 692Family Medicine/Primary Care6
PASSG 693Internal Medicine6
PASSG 694Pediatrics6
PASSG 695Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine6
PASSG 696Surgery6
PASSG 697Women's Health6
PASSG 698Elective Rotation I6
PASSG 699Elective Rotation II6