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Leave of Absence

College of Veterinary Medicine

Leave of Absence
The Leave of Absence policy is present in the Academic Policy section at the beginning of the University Catalog.  Any student returning from an Academic Leave of Absence will be placed on Academic Probation.

Disciplinary Warning/Probation
Disciplinary warning/probation occurs for student acts of professional misconduct as defined in Appendices 2 and 4 of the Student Handbook. Disciplinary probation is not noted on transcript but is kept in the student's file.

Matriculation in veterinary school is a privilege, not a right.  Therefore, a student can be dismissed for the following reasons:

  1.    Failure to achieve minimum academic standards (as outlined elsewhere and enforced by the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee). 
  2.    Failure to exhibit the professional and personal attributes required for the practice of veterinary medicine. 
  3.    Violation of CVM policies that are grounds for dismissal. 
  4.    Falsification of admission records. 
  5.    Failure to meet and maintain technical standards.