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Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Instructional Program

As scientists and practitioners of the healing arts, osteopathic physicians subscribe to a philosophy that regards the body as an integrated whole with structures and functions working interdependently. As an extension of this philosophy, osteopathic physicians treat their patients as unique persons with biological, psychological, and sociological needs-an approach that underscores the osteopathic commitment to patient-oriented versus disease-oriented health care. In recognition of this approach, CCOM proactively modifies its curriculum to meet the needs of the practice of osteopathic medicine in the 21st century. To that end, our curriculum is being progressively enhanced with increasing alignment and integration of basic science and clinical sciences material. CCOM courses maintain rigorous standards by introducing the course material with interactive presentation methods in the manner that osteopathic physicians approach the patient in the clinical setting.

Total Curricular Hours

First Year      58.2
Second Year    62.6
Third Year         73
Fourth Year        68
Total    261.8

Note: The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

* Electives in 1st and 2nd years are optional. There are 20 weeks of mandatory electives in the 3rd and 4th years.

First Year / Preclinical Block 1

Year Total58.2
OMS I Curriculum
ANATD 1511Histology (F)2.5
ANATD 1521Neuroscience (S)6
ANATD 1550Gross Anatomy/Embryology (F,W,S)7
BIOCD 1501Biochemistry I (F)5
BIOCD 1502Biochemistry II (W)4.5
CLIND 1500Health Care Communication I (W)1
CLIND 1501Foundations in Osteopathic Medicine (F)4.7
CLIND 1503Behavioral Health Assessment (S)2
CLIND 1550Patient Symptom Presentations7
CLIND 1551Physical Exam Skills (F,W,S)2
CORED 1599Interprofessional Education I1
OMEDD 1550Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - Lecture (F,W,S)2.5
OMEDD 1551Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - Workshop (F,W,S)3
PHYSD 1501Physiology I4
PHYSD 1502Physiology II6

Second Year / Preclinical Block II

Year Total62.6
OMS II Curriculum
CLIND 1603Mental Illness and Treatments (S)1.5
CLIND 1650Clinical Symptom Integration15
CLIND 1651Simulated Patient Care4.5
MICRD 1651Infectious Disease, Etiologic Agents and the Immune Response (F,W)13
OMEDD 1650Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine - Lecture (F,W,S)1.1
OMEDD 1651Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine-Workshop (F,W,S)2.5
PATHD 1601Pathology I (F)5
PATHD 1602Pathology II (W)6
PATHD 1603Pathology III (S)4
PHARD 1650Pharmacology10

Third Year

Year Total73
Third Year (12 months)
CLIND 1702Clinical Skills Assessment I (F)1
CLROD 1700Elective I 6
FMEDD 1702Family Medicine Rotation/Community Health18
IMEDD 1702Internal Medicine Rotation I12
OBGYD 1702Obstetrics and Gynecology Rotation9
PEDID 1702Pediatrics Rotation9
PSYCD 1702Psychiatry Clerkship6
SURGD 1702 Surgery Rotation I12

Fourth Year

Year Total68
Fourth Year Rotations (12 months) (Option 1)
CLIND 1800Integrated Clinical Activities (ICA)2
CLROD 1800Elective Rotations II-VII42
EMEDD 1805Emergency Medicine Rotation6
FMEDD 1802Family Medicine6
IMEDD 1802Internal Medicine Rotation II6
OMEDD 1801Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Rotation6
SURGD 1802 Surgery Rotation II6
Fourth Year Rotations (Option 2)
CLROD 1800Elective Rotations II-VII42
EMEDD 1805Emergency Medicine Rotation6
CLIND 1800Integrated Clinical Activities (ICA)2
OMEDD 1801Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Rotation6
IMEDD 1802Internal Medicine Rotation II12
SURGD 1802 Surgery Rotation II6