Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Preclinical Elective Courses

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

Preclinical Electives are short, in-depth courses in a variety of areas related to medicine which are designed to broaden understanding of important topics. These courses are open to CCOM students in the spring quarter of their first year and in all three quarters of their second year. Failures in elective courses carry the same weighting as failures in core curriculum courses such as anatomy, biochemistry, etc.

The specific list of electives offered will vary and may include:

ANATD1680/1691 Anatomy Teaching Elective

CLIND1430 Research and Design: Methods and Approaches

CLIND1405 Beyond the Bed

CLIND1406 Beyond the Bench

FMEDD1741 Career Development                      

BIOCD1415 Clinical Nutrition

CLIND 1480 Leadership for Physicians

PHARD1673 Medical Spanish

PHYSD1470 Physiology Teaching

CLIND1499 Student Research Elective