Chicago College of Pharmacy

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Pharm.D. Curriculum

Chicago College of Pharmacy

The College reserves the right to alter the curriculum as it deems appropriate.

For students entering the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in Fall 2016 and up through Fall 2018.

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:48.5
Fall Quarter
BIOCD 1554Biochemistry I2.5
CORED 1599BInterprofessional Education I1
PHYSD 1522Human Physiology I3.5
PPRAD 1510Professional Development I1
PPRAD 1521Healthcare Systems3
PSCID 1517Physical Pharmacy and Dosage Form Design3
PSCID 1518Pharmaceutical Calculations3
Winter Quarter
BIOCD 1555Biochemistry II3.5
MICRD 1520Introductory Immunology/Biologics2
PHYSD 1523Human Physiology II3.5
PPRAD 1520Interprofessional Healthcare Communications1
PPRAD 1525Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice 3
PSCID 1519Dosage Form Laboratory1
Spring Quarter
PPRAD 1530Introductory to Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) I: Community3.5
PPRAD 1532Pharmacotherapeutics I3
PPRAD 1533Pharmacy Practice Development and Evaluation I3
PPRAD 1543Institutional Pharmacy Practice2.5
PSCID 1531Introduction to Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics3.5
PSCID 1532Introduction to Drug Structure Evaluation2

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:47.5-60
Fall Quarter
PHARD 1651Pharmacology I2.5
PPRAD  1610Professional Development II1
PPRAD 1650IPPE II Health Systems (1/3 of the class)3.5
PPRAD 1651Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal I2
PPRAD 1661Pharmacotherapeutics II4.5
PPRAD 1671Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice3
PSCID 1621Chemical Principles of Drug Action I3.5
Winter Quarter
CORED 1699BInterprofessional Education II1
MICRD 1622Infectious Diseases & Their Etiologic Agents3
PHARD 1652Pharmacology II1.5
PPRAD 1650IPPE II Health Systems (1/3 of the class)3.5
PPRAD 1652Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal II1
PPRAD 1662Pharmacotherapeutics III5.5
PSCID 1622Chemical Principles of Drug Action II2.5
Spring Quarter
PHARD 1653Pharmacology III2
PPRAD 1650IPPE II Health Systems (1/3 of the class)3.5
PPRAD 1653Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal III1.5
PPRAD 1663Pharmacotherapeutics IV4.5
PPRAD 1670IPPE Clinical Skills and Simulation I3
PPRAD 1750IPPE III Clinical (1/3 of the class)3.5
PSCID 1623Chemical Principles of Drug Action III2

Third Professional Year:
Students may be registered for one Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotation block in Spring Quarter.

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:33-52.5
Fall Quarter
PPRAD 1710Professional Development III1
PPRAD 1741Pharmacy Practice Development and Evaluation II3
PPRAD 1750IPPE III Clinical (1/3 of the class)3.5
PPRAD 1761Pharmacotherapeutics V5
PPRAD 1771IPPE Clinical Skills and Simulation II2
PSCID 1761Principles of Drug Action I2
Winter Quarter
PPRAD 1750IPPE III Clinical (1/3 of the class)3.5
PPRAD 1762Pharmacotherapeutics VI4
PPRAD 1772IPPE Clinical Skills and Simulation III3
PSCID 1762Principles of Drug Action II3.5
PSCID 1772Biotechnology2.5
Spring Quarter
PPRAD 1714Professional Development IV1
PPRAD 1773Pharmacy Law/Ethics3
PPRAD 1793Clinical Pharmacokinetics3
 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience0-9

Clinical Block Fourth Professional Year:

Students will be registered for five of the six rotation blocks available. 

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required49-58
Clinical Block Fourth Professional Year
PPRAD 1802Community Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 9
PPRAD 1803Hospital Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience 9
PPRAD 1804General Medicine Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD  1805Ambulatory Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1806Clinical Specialty Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD  1807Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1810PharmD Seminar4