Chicago College of Pharmacy

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Pharm.D. Curriculum

Chicago College of Pharmacy

The College reserves the right to alter the curriculum as it deems appropriate.

For students entering the Doctor of Pharmacy Program in or prior to Fall 2015.

*Indicates year long course

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:47.5
Fall Quarter
BIOCD 1554Biochemistry I2.5
CORED 1599Interprofessional Education I1
PHYSD 1522Human Physiology I3.5
PPRAD 1521Healthcare Systems3
PPRAD 1511Healthcare Systems3
PSCID 1501Reflective Portfolio I *1
PSCID 1511Pharmaceutical Calculations3
Winter Quarter
BIOCD 1555Biochemistry II3.5
MICRD 1576Introductory Immunology/Biologics2
PHYSD 1523Human Physiology II3.5
PPRAD 1500Interprofessional Healthcare Communications1
PPRAD 1522Introduction to Pharmacy Practice Experience I: Community3
PSCID 1512Pharmaceutics I: Physical Pharmacy and Dosage Form Design2
PSCID 1513Dosage Form Laboratory1
Spring Quarter
MICRD 1510Infectious Diseases and Their Etiologic Agents4
PPRAD 1513Principles of Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice4
PPRAD 1523Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal I1.5
PSCID 1514Pharmaceutics II: Drug Delivery and Dosage Form Design1.5
PSCID 1515Introduction to Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics3.5

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:42
Fall Quarter
PHARD 1641Pharmacology I3
PPRAD 1601Reflective Portfolio II *0.5
PPRAD 1611Pharmacotherapeutics I5
PPRAD 1621Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal II0.5
PPRAD 1631Institutional Pharmacy Practice3
PSCID 1601Introduction to Drug Structure Evaluation2
Winter Quarter
PHARD 1642Pharmacology II3
PPRAD 1612Pharmacotherapeutics II5
PPRAD 1622Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II-Health Systems (1/2 class)2
PPRAD 1623Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal III0.5
PSCID 1602Chemical Principles of Drug Action I4.5
Spring Quarter
PHARD 1643Pharmacology III2
PPRAD 1613Pharmacotherapeutics III5.5
PPRAD 1622Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II-Health Systems (1/2 class)2
PPRAD 1624Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Longitudinal IV1.5
PSCID 1603Chemical Principles of Drug Action II4

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:42.5
Fall Quarter
PPRAD 1701Reflective Portfolio III *0.5
PPRAD 1711Pharmacotherapeutics IV5
PPRAD 1721Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III: Clinical3
PPRAD 1731Healthcare Communications II2
PPRAD 1751Pharmacy Management4
PSCID 1751Chemical Principles of Drug Action III2
Winter Quarter
PPRAD 1712Pharmacotherapeutics V5
PPRAD 1721Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III: Clinical3
PPRAD 1742Clinical Skills in Pharmacy Practice3
PPRAD 1752Pharmacy Law/Ethics3
PSCID 1722Pharmaceutical Biotechnology2
PSCID 1752Chemical Principles of Drug Action IV1
Spring Quarter
PPRAD 1713Pharmacotherapeutics VI5
PPRAD 1721Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III: Clinical3
PPRAD 1763Quality Assurance and Effective Pharmacy Practice3
PPRAD 1783Clinical Pharmacokinetics3

Fourth Professional Year:

Students will be registered for six rotation blocks out of the eight rotation blocks available.

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required
Fourth Professional Year Summer-Spring Quarters
PPRAD 1801Reflective Portfolio IV *0.5
PPRAD 1885Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1886Community Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1887Hospital Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1888General Medicine Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1889Ambulatory Care Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9
PPRAD 1890Clinical Specialty Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience9