Chicago College of Pharmacy

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Student Promotion and Graduation Committee

Chicago College of Pharmacy

The Student Promotion and Graduation Committee (SPGC) is composed of the Assistant Dean and members of the College faculty. It is responsible for enforcing the published academic and professional standards established by the faculty and for assuring that they are met by all students enrolled in each program. As such, this Committee establishes the criteria and policies and procedures for student advancement and graduation, as well as academic probation, dismissal, and readmission. This Committee meets at a minimum at the end of each academic quarter to review the academic progress and performance of students enrolled in the programs in relation to institutional academic policies. At the end of the academic year, the Committee assesses the academic and professional progress and performance of each student. If the student's progress is satisfactory, the student is promoted to the next academic year, provided all tuition and fees have been paid.  Finally, the Committee also identifies and recommends to the MWU Faculty Senate candidates for graduation.

If a student fails to make satisfactory progress in completing the prescribed course of study, the Committee shall take appropriate action to correct the deficiency(ies). In instances involving repeated failures of a student to maintain satisfactory academic/professional progress, the Committee may recommend dismissal.

Among the options available to the Committee in regard to unsatisfactory student performance are:

  1. That a written caution be provided to the student.
  2. That the student:
    1. be placed on academic probation for a specified period of time;
    2. take an alternate approved course offered at another college or university;
    3. repeat the course(s) in which there is a failure when the course is offered again in the curriculum;
    4. be placed in an extended program; or
    5. be dismissed from the College.