Interview and Selection Process

College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

After the Office of Admissions receives all of the required application materials, applicant files are reviewed to determine whether applicants merit interviews based on established criteria of the Admissions Committee. The Chair of the Admissions Committee, with the approval of the Dean, may also place a large number of students on an interview "wait list" pending possible interview openings toward the end of the interview cycle.

When an applicant accepts an invitation for an interview, he/she joins several other interviewees for a day on the CDMI campus. The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is utilized as the interview format. The MMI is a circuit of 6-8 timed independent interview stations. Each interview station is unique and chosen for its relevance for assessing a candidate's overall acceptability for admission into the program. MMI interviewers are selected from a volunteer group of basic scientists, administrators, and dental faculty. At the conclusion of the interviews, MMI score sheets for each applicant are processed and forwarded to the Admissions Committee. The committee may recommend to accept applicants for admission, to deny admission, or to place applicants on either the hold or alternate list. Recommendations are then forwarded to the Dean for final approval. The Dean, via the Office of Admissions, notifies applicants of their status as soon as possible after the interviews, but not before December 1 of the year preceding matriculation, which is the date that all dental schools have agreed would be the first notification date. The interview process typically begins in the late summer prior to matriculation and ends in March or April of the matriculation year. Due to copyright regulations and requirements, the College of Dental Medicine-Illinois does not allow candidates discussing or disclosing any information pertaining to the Multiple Mini Interview scenarios to other persons or parties.  Also, the College of Dental Medicine-Illinois does not allow immediate relatives who are current applicants for the same admissions cycle to interview on the same day.