College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

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College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Course Name

DENTD 1498

Dental Research

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Students may participate in this research elective throughout the four-year DMD program. Students must engage in research an average of one half-day per week for three consecutive quarters.

Credits: 0-6

DENTD 1499


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Students that wish to participate in an externship offered at various dental specialty and other training programs may register for this course with the approval of the Dean or designate.

Credits: 0.1-0.2

DENTD 1598, 1698, 1798, 1898

Supplemental Dental Experience

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Students may participate in these elective courses when reacquisition of knowledge and/or clinical skills is required following a period of leave of absence. Courses may be repeated if necessary.

Credits: 0-13.5