College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Downers Grove, IL Campus


College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Illinois reserves the right to alter its curriculum as appropriate for the essential professional preparation of its students.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program: 260.5

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Hours Required:55
Fall Quarter
CORED 1599Interprofessional Education I1
DENTD 1520The Healthy Orofacial Complex - Clinical4.5
DENTD 1521The Healthy Orofacial Complex - Didactic3.5
IBSSD 1501Foundations of Cell Function for Dental Students4.4
IBSSD 1502Genetics and Immunology for Dental Students4.8
Winter Quarter
DENTD 1500Healthcare Communication1
DENTD 1530Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, and Preventive Care of Oral Diseases - Clinical5
DENTD 1531Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, and Preventive Care of Oral Diseases - Didactic4.5
IBSSD 1503Infectious Disease, Skin, and Blood Disorders for Dental Students3.5
IBSSD 1504Neural and Musculoskeletal Systems for Dental Students4.5
IBSSD 1505Cardiovascular System for Dental Students2.9
Spring Quarter
DENTD 1540Treatment Planning and Initial Therapeutic Interventions - Clinical4
DENTD 1541Treatment Planning and Initial Therapeutic Interventions - Didactic4
IBSSD 1506Head and Neck Anatomy for Dental Students3.3
IBSSD 1507Respiratory and Urogenital Systems for Dental Students4.1

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:77.5
Summer Quarter
DENTD 1610Management of Complex Oral Conditions - Clinical4.2
DENTD 1611Management of Complex Oral Conditions - Didactic6
IBSSD 1608Clinical Neuroscience for Dental Students3.5
IBSSD 1609Endocrine and Reproductive Systems for Dental Students2.5
Fall Quarter
DENTD 1620Diagnosis and Rehabilitative Dentistry - Clinical5.5
DENTD 1621Diagnosis and Rehabilitative Dentistry - Didactic7.5
DENTD 1625Dental Pharmacotherapeutics (1.5 total credit hours (CH), 0.5 in the Fall Quarter)0.5
IBSSD 1610Gastrointestinal System for Dental Students3
PHARD 1640Pharmacology for Dental Students (5.0 total CH, 2.0 in the Fall Quarter)2
Winter Quarter
DENTD 1625Dental Pharmacotherapeutics (1.5 total CH, 1.0 in the Winter Quarter)1
DENTD 1630Comprehensive Oral Healthcare - Clinical5.5
DENTD 1631Comprehensive Oral Healthcare – Didactic7.5
IBSSD 1620Basic Sciences Integration Course3
PHARD 1640Pharmacology for Dental Students (5.0 total CH, 3.0 in the Winter Quarter)3
Spring Quarter
DENTD 1640Oral Health Sciences 2.4 - Clinical9.3
DENTD 1641Oral Health Sciences 2.4 - Didactic10.5
IBSSD 1621Clinical Sciences Integration Course3

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:66
Summer Quarter
DENTD 1710Oral Health Sciences 3.1A12
DENTD 1711Oral Health Sciences 3.1B3
DENTD 1712Clinical Professionalism Introduction1.5
Fall Quarter
DENTD 1720Oral Health Sciences 3.2A12
DENTD 1721Oral Health Sciences 3.2B3
DENTD 1722Clinical Professionalism I1.5
Winter Quarter
DENTD 1730Oral Health Sciences 3.3A12
DENTD 1731Oral Health Sciences 3.3B3
DENTD 1732Clinical Professionalism II1.5
Spring Quarter
DENTD 1740Oral Health Sciences 3.4A12
DENTD 1741Oral Health Sciences 3.4B3
DENTD 1742Clinical Professionalism III1.5

Fourth Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:62
Summer Quarter
DENTD 1810Oral Health Sciences 4.1A11.5
DENTD 1811Oral Health Sciences 4.1B3
DENTD 1812Clinical Professionalism IV1.5
DENTD 1813Clinical Service Learning I0.5
Fall Quarter
DENTD 1820Oral Health Sciences 4.2A11.5
DENTD 1821Oral Health Sciences 4.2B3
DENTD 1822Clinical Professionalism V1.5
DENTD 1823Clinical Service Learning II0.5
Winter Quarter
DENTD 1830Oral Health Sciences 4.3A11.5
DENTD 1831Oral Health Sciences 4.3B2
DENTD 1832Clinical Professionalism VI1.5
DENTD 1833Clinical Service Learning III0.5
Spring Quarter
DENTD 1840Oral Health Sciences 4.4A11.5
DENTD 1842Clinical Professionalism VII1.5
DENTD 1843Clinical Service Learning IV0.5

DENTD 1498Dental Research0-6
DENTD 1499Externship0.1-0.2
DENTD 1598Supplemental Dental Experience0-13.5
DENTD 1698Supplemental Dental Experience0-13.5
DENTD 1798Supplemental Dental Experience0-13.5
DENTD 1898Supplemental Dental Experience0-13.5