College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Downers Grove, IL Campus

National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Policy

College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Students must challenge the NBDE Part I no sooner than March 1 and no later than May 15 of their second year. If a student encounters a catastrophic event that prevents them from taking the examination during that timeframe, the Dean may allow challenging of the examination at a later date. 

Students who fail to pass the NBDE Part I on their first attempt:

Students who fail the NBDE Part I two times:

Students who fail to pass NBDE Part I after three attempts will be required to appear before the Student Academic Progress Committee, Preclinical. The committee may recommend dismissal from the University for failure to meet the academic requirements of MWU CDMI.

The College administers a mock NBDE Part II examination that must be successfully completed before a student is approved to sit for the NBDE Part II. Details related to the mock and actual NBDE Part II are outlined in the appropriate course syllabi. Students are required to challenge NBDE Part II prior to May 1 of their year of graduation.

Historical first-time pass rates by CDMI students at NBDE Parts I and II can be found on the CDMI Fast Facts webpage at

Passing any portion of a licensing examination is not a substitute for passing a Midwestern University course.