College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Academic Review and Progression

College of Dental Medicine-Illinois

Two faculty committees of CDMI will review the academic performance of students: the Student Academic Progress Committee, Preclinical for the first two years and the Student Academic Progress Committee, Clinical for the third and fourth years.

Student Academic Progress Committees, Preclinical and Clinical
Student Academic Progress Committees, Preclinical and Clinical, will meet as needed to review academic and professional progress of dental students. Students with one or more academic failure(s) or withdrawal/failing (WF) are required to meet with the committee. Notification of the date, time, and place of the committee meeting is sent to the student at least 48 hours in advance by priority e-mail and/or telephone. Students may be invited to the meeting to provide a statement; they may be asked to teleconference into the meeting by telephone or through e-mail; or they may communicate their statement by writing to the committee. The committee will consider course failure(s) (F) and withdrawal failure(s) (WF) in recommending action regarding student academic progress in the curriculum. Decisions of the committees are forwarded to the Dean and e-mailed or mailed to the students. The right of appeal exists and is described elsewhere in this catalog. Appeals must be filed with the Dean within three working days following official notification of the committee decision.

Students who have successfully completed their dental education program, passed all of the competency evaluations and paid all tuition and fees will be recommended to the Faculty Senate for graduation.