College of Graduate Studies

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CGS Student Promotion and Graduation Committee

College of Graduate Studies

The University Faculty Senate appoints this committee annually at one per campus.  Membership consists of three or more program faculty members and at least one basic science faculty.  The Dean of CGS (or designee), the Dean of Students (or designee), and the Registrar (or designee) are Ex Officio nonvoting members.  A program director or a faculty member appointed by the Dean of CGS is the chairperson of this committee. The committee may request that a course director and/or faculty advisor attend the meeting to provide additional information about the student’s case.

At the end of each quarter and more often if necessary, this committee reviews and acts upon the academic progress of each student enrolled in the program as well as other factors such as professionalism. If satisfactory, the committee recommends progression of the student to the next quarter. If unsatisfactory, the committee decides whether a student is placed on academic warning, academic probation, extended program, academic leave of absence, or is dismissed. These decisions are forwarded to the student and the Dean of CGS. Following notification, a student may appeal the Committee’s decision to the Dean who will make a final determination but may, at their discretion, also form an ad hoc committee to review the appeal. The CGS Dean is responsible for reviewing all decisions for consistency with stated College academic policies and practices. The Dean makes the final decision on the appeals and action to be taken.

At the end of each academic year, the CGS Student Promotion and Graduation Committee reviews the academic and professional progress and performance of each student. If satisfactory, the committee recommends promotion of the student. In addition, the committee meets each spring, or as needed, to recommend for graduation all students who have satisfactorily completed all degree requirements specified by their program. The committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the CGS Dean and the University Faculty Senate for approval. The chairperson of the committee is responsible for submitting minutes of each meeting to the CGS Dean.