College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus


Master of Arts in Biomedical Sciences Program

Masters of Arts in Biomedical Sciences Program

Total Credit Hours Required:45
Fall Quarter
BIOCD 0560Biochemistry I2.5
BISCD 0530Professional Development1
PHARD 0594Pharmacology I3
PHYSD 0520Human Physiology I3.5
Winter Quarter
ANATD 0503Human Anatomy4
BIOCD 0570Biochemistry II3.5
MICRD 0599Molecular Immunology3
PHARD 0595Pharmacology II3
PHYSD 0521Human Physiology II3.5
Spring Quarter
ANATD 0520Human Neuroscience3
BISCD 0580Pathophysiology4
MICRD 0580Medical Microbiology3
PHARD 0596Pharmacology III3

Elective Course Options
BIOCD 0847Nutrition in Preventative Medicine1
BISCD 0512Fundamentals of Research3
BISCD 0520Ethics of Research and Experimentation2
BISCD 0526Research Design and Methodology3
BISCD 0560, 0561, or 0562Research ElectiveEach course 1-4
BISCD 0644Biomedical Imaging2
LANGD 1500Medical Spanish2
PHARD 0830Cardiovascular Pharmacology2
PSCID 0871Alternative Therapies and Natural Products3
PSCID 0876Development of Newly Approved Drug Therapies2
PSCID 0879LGBTQI Considerations in the Provision of Healthcare1