College of Health Sciences

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Dual Degree Options

Master of Biomedical Sciences Program

Dual Degree Option

The Biomedical Sciences Program offers an educational opportunity to current and incoming students in other CHS programs or colleges at Midwestern University. Students accepted into these programs may apply to the Biomedical Sciences Program as dual-degree candidates. The following policies apply:

  1. The applicant must apply and be accepted into the clinical program and Biomedical Sciences Program separately. Only applicants meeting minimum entrance requirements for both degree programs will be given an option for the dual-degree program.
  2. The clinical degree program will be considered the primary degree program and the Biomedical Sciences Program the secondary degree program. Continuity of the primary degree program must be maintained.
  3. The length of the secondary program will be extended for a time period sufficient to complete the secondary degree program. This may take up to a year depending upon the primary program. Programs may be individualized to accommodate availability of desired courses, academic proficiency, and student preferences. As a secondary degree program the Biomedical Sciences Program degree must be completed within a total of five years from initial matriculation.
  4. Students must maintain the minimum cumulative GPA requirements of each program. Failure to maintain the minimum cumulative GPA in either program will result in an academic action. This may result in deceleration or temporary suspension from the secondary degree program.
  5. The number of credits required for completion of the Biomedical Sciences Program is 72 quarter hours. Some courses from dual degree students' clinical degree program may be deemed suitable for credit in the Biomedical Sciences Program degree program. If approved, these courses may be substituted for credit in the Biomedical Sciences. No Biomedical Sciences Program tuition will be charged for these credits.
  6. In addition to the established quarterly tuition for the primary degree program, students enrolled in the dual degree program shall pay tuition to the Master of Biomedical Sciences program on a per credit basis. Dual degree students shall receive a 30% discount on the usual Master of Biomedical Sciences Program per credit hour charge for the full duration of their Master of Biomedical Sciences degree program. Master of Biomedical Sciences Program tuition is payable quarterly and determined by the number of credits for which the student is registered.