College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Academic Standards

Clinical Psychology Program

A student enrolled in the Clinical Psychology Program must pass all Psy.D. courses with a minimum grade of B- or P and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher to achieve satisfactory academic progress.

If a student fails a Psy.D. course (grade of C+, C, F), the student may be required by the Program's Academic Review Committee to retake that course. Students will not be required to retake an elective course, but may be permitted to do so. Students will only be able to retake a failed course once. To successfully retake the course, the student needs to achieve a grade of B- or better in a graded course or a P in a Pass/Fail course. If a student fails the retaken course it will be considered by the Clinical Psychology Academic Review Committee and will be addressed accordingly in conjunction with the College of Health Sciences (CHS) academic policies.

In addition to academic grades, competency checkpoints are assessed throughout the program related to the specific training competency areas of the practitioner-scholar model of training. Failure to demonstrate required satisfactory performance on a program competency that is part of a course will lead to a course failure (grade of F). All program competency exams must be passed with a minimum grade of B- on a graded exam or a P on a Pass/Fail exam (See Program-Based Competencies section for additional information).