College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Transfer of Credit

Clinical Psychology Program

To receive credit for coursework completed at other institutions prior to matriculation at Midwestern University, students must submit a Petition for Advanced Standing/Transfer of Credit Form and a course syllabus. All requests for Advanced Standing must be submitted prior to registration for the first quarter of the program. Requests will not be accepted after the student's first quarter in the program. The transfer of credit has the following conditions:

  1. A maximum of 40 quarter hours, 32 trimester hours, or 27 semester hours, of credit for coursework completed prior to matriculation may be considered;
  2. Transferred course credit is limited to graduate level courses in psychology or mental health from recognized, regionally accredited degree granting institutions;
  3. Credit may be awarded for required courses completed from other doctoral programs;
  4. Credit may only be awarded for courses in which a grade of B- or higher was attained;
  5. Credit is not transferable for clerkship, practica or internship; or courses that include a competency gateway; (for more information refer to the current Clinical Training Manual)
  6. The program may require a competency examination to determine satisfactory performance before awarding credit for a course; 
  7. Credit can only be awarded for courses completed within a seven-year period before matriculation.

If a course is accepted for credit, the equivalent Midwestern University course and Advanced Placement (AP) notation will be recorded on the transcript along with the name of the institution at which the credit was earned. Any earned letter grade will not be included on the transcript or used in the GPA calculation.
Students requesting, and receiving, Advanced Standing understand that this might have financial and scheduling implications throughout their time at MWU. While the Program will work with the student, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to ensure they have enough credits to qualify for Financial Aid for any given quarter.