College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus


Clinical Psychology Program

The following curriculum applies to all students who matriculated in Fall 2011 or thereafter. For students who matriculated prior to Fall 2011, refer to the 2012-2013 Midwestern University Catalog for the relevant curriculum listing.

Total quarter hour credits for Psy.D.


Note: The Clinical Psychology Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

First Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required First Year:46
Fall Quarter
CORED 1599Interprofessional Education I1
PSYCD 1501Professional Issues and Ethics3
PSYCD 1502Life Span Development I3
PSYCD 1504Research Methods and Design3
PSYCD 1505Professional Development Seminar I1
PSYCD 1515Tests and Measurements I3
PSYCD 1565History and Systems3
Winter Quarter
PSYCD 1506Professional Development Seminar II1
PSYCD 1516Tests and Measurements II2
PSYCD 1524Intelligence Testing I3
PSYCD 1525Intelligence Testing II3
PSYCD 1531Introduction to Psychotherapy1
PSYCG 1582Clerkship I1
Spring Quarter
PSYCD 1503Life Span Development II3
PSYCD 1510Statistics I3
PSYCD 1526Personality Assessment I: Objective Techniques3
PSYCD 1527Personality Assessment II: Projective Techniques2
PSYCD 1550Biological Bases of Behavior3
PSYCG 1583Clerkship II1

Second Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required Second Year:51-55
Summer Quarter
PSYCD 1600Diagnostic Practicum (Optional)3
PSYCD 1601Diagnostic Practicum Seminar (Optional)1
PSYCD 1654Social and Cultural Bases of Behavior3
PSYCD 1660Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior I3
PSYCD 1669Psychopathology I: Anxiety and Personality Disorders3
Fall Quarter
PSYCD 1611Statistics II3
PSYCD 1520Clinical Appraisal and Interviewing3
PSYCD 1620Advanced Assessment3
PSYCD 1670Psychopathology II: Depressive, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders3
PSYCD 1682Diagnostic Practicum I3
PSYCD 1683Diagnostic Practicum Seminar I2
Winter Quarter
PSYCD 1632Psychodynamic Approaches to Psychotherapy3
PSYCD 1636Behavior Therapy4
PSYCD 1640Introduction to Neuropsychology3
PSYCD 1684Diagnostic Practicum II3
PSYCD 1685Diagnostic Practicum Seminar II2
Spring Quarter
PSYCD 1631Cognitive Behavioral Theories and Approaches to Psychotherapy3
PSYCD 1650Psychopharmacology3
PSYCD 1680Research Seminar: Integration of Science and Practice2
PSYCD 1681Dissertation Development1
PSYCD 1686Diagnostic Practicum III3
PSYCD 1687Diagnostic Practicum Seminar III2

Third Year

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required Third Year:44-48
Summer Quarter
PSYCD 1705Systems Theory3
PSYCD 1710Diversity in Clinical Psychology3
PSYCD 1720Therapy Practicum (Optional)3
PSYCD 1721Therapy Practicum Seminar (Optional)1
Fall Quarter
PSYCD 1722Professional Development and Lifelong Learning1
PSYCD 1730Advanced Psychotherapy Practice3
PSYCD 1771Advanced Psychopathology3
PSYCD 1508Research Methods II3
PSYCD 1782Therapy Practicum I3
PSYCD 1783Therapy Practicum Seminar I1
Winter Quarter
PSYCD 1731Supervision and Consultation3
PSYCD 1746Advanced Social-Cultural Bases of Behavior3
PSYCD 1776Health Psychology3
PSYCD 1784Therapy Practicum II3
PSYCD 1785Therapy Practicum Seminar II1
Spring Quarter
PSYCD 1708Advanced Ethics3
PSYCD 1760Cognitive-Affective Bases of Behavior II3
PSYCD 1770Human Sexuality3
PSYCD 1786Therapy Practicum III3
PSYCD 1787Therapy Practicum Seminar III1

Fourth Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required Fourth Year:24-28
Summer Quarter
PSYCD 1800Advanced Therapy Practicum (Optional)3
PSYCD 1801Advanced Therapy Practicum Seminar (Optional)1
PSYCD 1811Dissertation I2
Fall Quarter
PSYCD 1812Dissertation II2
PSYCD 1882Advanced Practicum I3
PSYCD 1883Advanced Practicum Seminar I1
Winter Quarter
PSYCD 1813Dissertation III2
PSYCD 1884Advanced Practicum II3
PSYCD 1885Advanced Practicum Seminar II1
Spring Quarter
PSYCD 1814Dissertation IV2
PSYCD 1886Advanced Practicum III3
PSYCD 1887Advanced Practicum Seminar III1

Fifth Year (5 Year Track):

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required Fifth Year:52
Summer Quarter
PSYCD 1900Internship12.5
PSYCD 1921Dissertation Continuation I (Optional)0.5
Fall Quarter
PSYCD 1901Internship12.5
PSYCD 1922Dissertation Continuation II (Optional)0.5
Winter Quarter
PSYCD 1902Internship12.5
PSYCD 1923Dissertation Continuation III (Optional)0.5
Spring Quarter
PSYCD 1903Internship12.5
PSYCD 1924Dissertation Continuation IV (Optional)0.5