College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus


Clinical Psychology Program

The successful completion of a Dissertation is required for graduation. This is intended as a scholarly work that permits students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about a particular clinical area. A committee of faculty members, including a designated Dissertation Chair, will assist with this process. Students will be enrolled in a sequence of courses over the duration of the program to facilitate their development of the project. In the second year, students will initiate development of a proposal for their Dissertation. Students must present the proposal to their committee for approval before the Dissertation is implemented. The student then completes the project and submits a written document detailing the Dissertation. Each student must present an oral defense of the Dissertation upon its completion. Following a successful defense, the student must provide the program with copies of the final Dissertation for binding. The Dissertation takes a minimum of 12 months to complete. With the Program Director's approval, students needing additional time beyond the internship year to complete the Dissertation must register for PSYCD 1990-1999 Dissertation Post-Internship I - X, as needed, a 0.5 credit hour course. For more information regarding Dissertation policies and requirements refer to the current Clinical Psychology Program Dissertation Manual.