College of Health Sciences

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Clinical Psychology Program

The predoctoral internship is a 2,000-hour requirement at an approved clinical training site full-time over a 12-month period or half-time over a 24-month period. Internship is typically a year long sequentially organized, full-time training experience. The student must successfully complete all four quarters of the internship at one site to receive credit for this full time training experience. Students completing half-time internships will need to successfully complete all eight quarters of the internship to receive credit for this training experience. The internship is designed to provide intensive advanced clinical training that builds upon the coursework and practicum experiences. The internship is a critical component of the Psy.D. Program and cannot be waived. Students must satisfactorily complete all required coursework, clerkship, and practicum experiences, as well as the Practitioner Scholar Project proposal before beginning the internship. Students applying for an internship enter a national match process with training sites across the country. Students may expect to travel some distance during the internship interview process. The internship may or may not be a paid position.