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Occupational Therapy Program

The professional doctorate curriculum is composed of 46 required course credits (quarter hours) for the first calendar year, 58 required course credits for the second calendar year, and 56 required course credits for the third calendar year, for a total of 160 quarter credits. All courses in each quarter are prerequisite to courses in the subsequent quarter. 

Fieldwork courses are placed in the second and third years of the curriculum and include three Level I experiences and two 12-credit Level II Fieldwork experiences. Students' proficiency in evaluation and intervention, independent decision-making and critical thinking are emphasized during Fieldwork II-A and II-B of the curriculum. Fieldwork experiences are offered in clinical, community, hospital, school, and other facilities that have a legal agreement with the University and are located throughout the continental United States.

As one component of the Capstone process, the 16-week Doctoral Internship is positioned in the winter and spring quarters of the third year of the curriculum. Whereas the Fieldwork Level II experiences primarily focus on evaluation and intervention processes of occupational therapy, the Capstone and Doctoral Internship experiences are individualized according to each student's areas of interest in occupational therapy program development, research, leadership or advocacy.

The Midwestern University College of Health Sciences Occupational Therapy Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program: 160

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:46
Fall Quarter
CORED 1599EInterprofessional Education I1
OTHED 1501Professional Development I3
OTHED 1505Neuroscience for Occupation3
OTHED 1520Occupation3
OTHED 1550Therapeutic Communication3
OTHED 1555Analysis of Occupations3
Winter Quarter
OTHED 1503Movement for Occupation3
OTHED 1504Movement Skills Lab1
OTHED 1510Critical Analysis of Evidence3
OTHED 1530Theoretical Foundations of Occupational Therapy3
OTHED 1535Conceptual Approach to Conditions3
OTHED 1540Occupational Therapy Process: Foundations2
Spring Quarter
OTHED 1512Research Project Development3
OTHED 1545Occupational Therapy Process: Children4
OTHED 1547Occupational Therapy Process: Adults4
OTHED 1549Occupational Therapy Process: Psychosocial4

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:58
Summer Quarter
OTHED 1610Research Project Implementation2
OTHED 1645Occupational Therapy Practice: Children4
OTHED 1646Fieldwork I-A1
OTHED 1647Occupational Therapy Practice: Adults4
OTHED 1648Fieldwork I-B1
OTHED 1650Activities of Daily Life2
OTHED 1651Group Process3
OTHED 1652Fieldwork I-C1
Fall Quarter
OTHED 1612Research Project Synthesis3
OTHED 1645Occupational Therapy Practice: Children4
OTHED 1646Fieldwork I-A1
OTHED 1647Occupational Therapy Practice: Adults4
OTHED 1648Fieldwork I-B1
OTHED 1649Occupational Therapy Practice: Psychosocial4
OTHED 1652Fieldwork I-C1
OTHED 1655Occupational Therapy Leadership3
Winter Quarter
OTHED 1630Needs Assessment2
OTHED 1636Fieldwork II-A6
OTHED 1661Occupational Therapy for Upper Extremity Function3
OTHED 1670Disability and Policy2
OTHED 1680Educational Strategies in Occupational Therapy2
Spring Quarter
OTHED 1601Professional Development II3
OTHED 1614Data-based Decision Making3
OTHED 1632Program Development3
OTHED 1637Fieldwork II-A6

Third Professional Year:

8 required course credits of Seminar Options in summer quarter.

*Seminar Options (Offered Weeks 1-5)

**Seminar Options (Offered Weeks 6-10)

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:56
Summer Quarter
OTHED 1716Professional Writing2
OTHED 1720Occupational Science (*Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1722Recovery and Occupation (**Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1725Ergonomics and Universal Design (*Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1730Program Evaluation2
OTHED 1732Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (**Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1740School-based Practice (**Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1744Cognition and Executive Functioning (*Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1746Neurorehabilitation (*Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1748Gerontology (**Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1750Self Management2
OTHED 1761Upper Extremity Rehabilitation (**Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1777Sensory Processing (*Seminar Option)2
OTHED 1790Capstone Development I2
Fall Quarter
OTHED 1738Fieldwork II-B12
Winter Quarter
OTHED 1755Administration and Management3
OTHED 1766Competency Course1
OTHED 1785Doctoral Internship8
OTHED 1792Capstone Development II2
Spring Quarter
OTHED 1701Professional Development III2
OTHED 1786Doctoral Internship8
OTHED 1794Capstone Completion1
OTHED 1795Current Issues in Occupational Therapy Practice2
OTHED 1799Certification Examination Preparation Course1

CORED 1699EInterprofessional Education II1
PSCID 1679LGBTQI Considerations in the Provision of Healthcare1