College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus

Interview and Selection Process

Physician Assistant Program

Completed applications are reviewed to determine which applicants merit invitations for on-campus interviews. The following criteria are used to select the most qualified candidates for interview invitations: science and cumulative grade point averages (GPA), rigor of undergraduate and prerequisite courses, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test scores, letters of recommendation, healthcare experience, knowledge of the profession, and motivation for a career as a PA. Interviews are typically scheduled during the months of August through January. Applicants selected to interview will be notified by e-mail or telephone of available dates. Interviews are required before final admissions decisions are made.

A typical day on campus involves participation in the following activities, which are coordinated by the Office of Admissions: a presentation by the PA Program Director, interaction with current MWU PA students, observation of a PA Program course lecture, presentations by admissions counselors and financial aid office representatives, and a walking tour of the campus. In addition, the day will include a small group interview session facilitated by PA faculty members. During each interview session prospective students may be asked about their academic, personal, and professional aspirations and preparedness for admission to the Program. Interviewed applicants are assessed using a standardized evaluation tool, which is included with the applicants' files and forwarded to the PA Admissions Committee for review.

The PA Admissions Committee reviews the complete applications of candidates who were interviewed and then submits recommendations to the Program Director for action. The CHS Dean, via the Office of Admissions, then notifies applicants in writing of admissions decisions. All applicants with complete applications will receive notification in writing regarding their status by the end of March.

Please Note: Applicants who interview before December 31 are required to bring documentation verifying any outstanding coursework in progress (by providing a copy of a class schedule or a transcript listing the coursework). Applicants must submit documentation of satisfactory completion of prerequisites no later than the December 31st deadline. Applicants who fail to submit this proof by the designated date will not be considered for admission into the Program.