College of Health Sciences

Downers Grove, IL Campus


Physician Assistant Program

The MWU CHS Physician Assistant Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program: 146

First Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:77
Summer Quarter
ANATD 0500Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology7
BIOCD 0551Human Biochemistry3
BIOCD 0552Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition3
PASSD 0511Professional Seminar I1
PASSD 0518Clinical Medicine I5
Fall Quarter
ANATD 0565Human Neurosciences4
CORED 1599CInterprofessional Education I1
PASSD 0519Clinical Medicine II5
PASSD 0564Physical Diagnosis3
PHARD 0584Pharmacology I3
PHYSD 0510Human Physiology I3.5
Winter Quarter
MICRD 0576Immunology2
PASSD 0503Clinical Medicine III6
PASSD 0529Research Seminar3
PASSD 0541Psychiatric Principles2
PHARD 0585Pharmacology II3
PHYSD 0511Human Physiology II3.5
Spring Quarter
BIOCD 0581Human Genetics1
MICRD 0582Infectious Diseases4
PASSD 0504Clinical Medicine IV6
PASSD 0512Professional Seminar II2
PASSD 0521Introduction to Capstone Project1
PASSD 0528Advanced Patient Assessment and Management2
PHARD 0586 Pharmacology III3

Second Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:56
Clinical Block (Summer-Spring Quarters)
PASSD 0641Internal Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0642Behavioral Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0643General Surgery Rotation6
PASSD 0644Emergency Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0645Family Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0646Geriatric Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0647Women’s Health Rotation6
PASSD 0648Pediatric Medicine Rotation6
PASSD 0681Advanced Clinical Medicine I (summer quarter)3
PASSD 0671Independent Study in Capstone Project I (fall quarter)0.5
PASSD 0672Independent Study in Capstone Project II (winter quarter)0.5
PASSD 0682Advanced Clinical Medicine II (winter quarter)3
PASSD 0674Independent Study in Capstone Project III (spring quarter)1

Third Professional Year:

Total Quarter Credit Hours Required:13
Summer Quarter
PASSD 0749Elective I Rotation4
PASSD 0750Elective II Rotation4
PASSD 0775Independent Study in Capstone Project IV1
PASSD 0783Advanced Clinical Medicine III4