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College of Dental Medicine-Arizona

The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine-Arizona reserves the right to alter its curriculum whenever it deems appropriate. 

First Year Total:
Fall Quarter Total
BASIG 1501Basic Science Integrated Sequence I4
BASIG 1502Basic Science Integrated Sequence II4
BASIG 1503Basic Science Integrated Sequence III4.5
COREG 1560IInterprofessional Healthcare/One Health0.5
DENTG 1510 Preventive Dental Medicine I1
DENTG 1512Oral Health Sciences I3
DENTG 1512LOral Health Sciences I Lab2
DENTG 1514Healthcare Ethics I0.5
DENTG 1515Personal Finance0.5
Winter Quarter
BASIG 1504Basic Science Integrated Sequence IV2.5
BASIG 1505Basic Science Integrated Sequence V4.5
BASIG 1506Basic Science Integrated Sequence VI4.5
COREG 1570IInterprofessional Healthcare/One Health0.5
DENTG 1520Preventive Dental Medicine II1
DENTG 1522 Oral Health Sciences II2.5
DENTG 1522LOral Health Sciences II Lab2
DENTG 1523Healthcare Ethics II0.5
Spring Quarter
BASIG 1507Basic Science Integrated Systems VII3.5
BASIG 1508Basic Science Integrated Systems VIII2.5
BASIG 1509Basic Science Integrated Systems IX4
COREG 1580IInterprofessional Healthcare/One Health0.5
DENTG 1534Healthcare Ethics III0.5
DENTG 1533 Oral Health Sciences III2.5
DENTG 1533LOral Health Sciences III Lab2
DENTG 1535Introduction to Human Behavior I1

Second Year Total:
Fall Quarter
PHARG 1601General Pharmacology I2
DENTG 1612Dental Community Service I0.5
DENTG 1614 Oral Health Sciences IV10.5
DENTG 1614LOral Health Sciences IV Lab7
DENTG 1615Dental Ethics and Professionalism I0.5
DENTG 1617Clinical Case Studies I1
Winter Quarter
PHARG 1621General Pharmacology II3
DENTG 1622Dental Ethics and Professionalism II0.5
DENTG 1623Dental Community Service II0.5
DENTG 1625 Oral Health Sciences V10.5
DENTG 1625LOral Health Sciences V Lab7
DENTG 1627 Clinical Case Studies II1
Spring Quarter
DENTG 1633Dental Ethics and Professionalism III0.5
DENTG 1634Dental Community Service III0.5
DENTG 1636Oral Health Sciences VI9.5
DENTG 1636L Oral Health Sciences VI Lab8
DENTG 1637Anesthesia I1
DENTG 1638Medical Emergencies1
DENTG 1639 Clinical Case Studies III1

Third Year Total:
Summer Quarter
DENTG 1721Anesthesia II1
DENTG 1724Surgical Periodontics General Practice1
DENTG 1726Special Needs0.5
DENTG 1728Advanced Imaging1
DENTG 2000Introduction to Dental Clinic12
DENTG 2010Intro Clinical Professionalism1.5
DENTG 2020Clinical Conference I0.5
Fall Quarter
DENTG 1730Introduction to Human Behavior II1
DENTG 1733Clinical Reviews 2
DENTG 1734Dental Ethics Grand Rounds I0.5
DENTG 2001Patient Care I12
DENTG 2011Clinical Professionalism I1.5
DENTG 2021Clinical Conference II0.5
Winter Quarter
DENTG 1740Implantology1
DENTG 1742Clinical Pharmacology I1
DENTG 1745Practice Management I0.5
DENTG 1749Clinical Topics I1
DENTG 2002Patient Care II12
DENTG 2012Clinical Professionalism II1.5
Spring Quarter
DENTG 1750Practice Management II2
DENTG 1759Clinical Topics II1
DENTG 2003Patient Care III12
DENTG 2013Clinical Professionalism III1.5
DENTG 2022Clinical Conference III0.5

Fourth Year Total:
Summer Quarter
DENTG 1822Clinical Grand Rounds 1
DENTG 1823 Practice Management III1
DENTG 1824Clinical Service Learning I1
DENTG 2004Patient Care IV11
DENTG 2014Clinical Professionalism IV1.5
Fall Quarter
DENTG 1832Dental Ethics Grand Rounds II0.5
DENTG 1834Clinical Service Learning II1
DENTG 1836Advanced Topics I1
DENTG 1837Practice Management Selectives0.5
DENTG 1838Clinical Pharmacology II1
DENTG 2005Patient Care V11
DENTG 2015Clinical Professionalism V1.5
DENTG 2023Clinical Conference IV0.5
Winter Quarter
DENTG 1842Dental Ethics Capstone0.5
DENTG 1843Clinical Service Learning III1
DENTG 1845Advanced Topics II1
DENTG 1847Occlusion Capstone1
DENTG 2006Patient Care VI11
DENTG 2016Clinical Professionalism VI1.5
Spring Quarter
DENTG 1852Clinical Service Learning IV1
DENTG 2007Patient Care VII11
DENTG 2017Clinical Professionalism VII1.5