College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus

Postdoctoral Education

Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine

AZPod supports students with the transition from predoctoral training to postdoctoral training through the Office of Clinical Education and the Department of Postdoctoral Education. AZPod also benefits from its membership in the Midwestern University Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institute (OPTI). AZPod is associated with residencies at healthcare facilities nationwide that are approved by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME). Affiliated programs include Franciscan Alliance St. Margaret Mercy (Indiana), Tuba City Regional Health Care (Navajo Nation), and Tucson Medical Center (Arizona). AZPod graduates have successfully matched with top ranked residencies throughout the country. AZPod assists hospitals in the development of new residency programs and continues to support affiliated programs. Because residency development is a high priority, AZPod also continues to work with national organizations in developing and sustaining residency programs for future podiatrists.