College of Health Sciences

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Degree Description

Master of Biomedical Sciences Degree Program

The Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Program is designed as a full-time, 21 month, graduate-level program that provides the student with a broad background in the biomedical sciences, laboratory experiences, and research skills. The curriculum is designed to help students improve their academic foundation in the biomedical sciences and augment their credentials for admission into medical school or other health professional program and prepare and graduate students who have extensive knowledge, technical skills, and expertise to function in a variety of biomedical professions. These include careers as technicians and supervisors in the biotechnology, biosafety, and pharmaceutical industry; research personnel in biomedical science laboratories; employees in governmental and regulatory agencies; and faculty for undergraduate teaching programs.

The 88.5-quarter-hour (minimum) master's degree curriculum is usually completed in 21-24 months. All students must complete the program within three years of matriculation, excepting approved leaves of absence. All students are required to complete a research project approved by the student's research committee. The required curriculum includes basic science courses in biochemistry; molecular and cellular biology; genetics; and physiology. Students must also complete at least one additional basic science sequence: microbiology and immunology; pharmacology; or anatomy and histology. In addition to the basic science courses, the student must take a series of research courses that prepares them for a research project and thesis that is the culmination of the degree program. The research courses include Research Topics and Methods, Research Design and Statistics, Good Laboratory Practice, Journal Club, Laboratory Rotations, Philosophical Foundations of Research, Research Literature Review, Research Protocol, Graduate Seminar Series, Laboratory Research, and Research Thesis. Finally, a series of electives and independent study courses are available. The electives allow the student to further specify an area of interest.