College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus


Cardiovascular Science Program

The Cardiovascular Science Program reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however and whenever it deems appropriate.  This catalog does not establish a contractual relationship between MWU and the student.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program:  103.5

First Professional Year:

Credit Hours Required:
Fall Quarter
COREG 1560EInterprofessional Healthcare0.5
CVSPG 542Introduction to the Perfusion Environment1
CVSPG 551Anatomy for Cardiovascular Sciences2
CVSPG 553Monitoring and the Cardiovascular Patient4
CVSPG 555Applied Physiology & Pathophysiology for Cardiovascular Sciences I4
CVSPG 561Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology I4
CVSPG 591Cardiovascular Perfusion Practical Laboratory I2
Winter Quarter
COREG 1570EInterprofessional Healthcare0.5
CVSPG 531Cardiovascular Sciences Journal Review I2
CVSPG 534Cardiovascular Sciences Masters Project I1
CVSPG 556Applied Physiology & Pathophysiology for Cardiovascular Sciences II4
CVSPG 562Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology II4
CVSPG 571Clinical Observations & Seminars for Cardiovascular Sciences I2
CVSPG 581Applied Pharmacology for CV Sciences I2
CVSPG 592Cardiovascular Perfusion Practical Laboratory II2
Spring Quarter
COREG 1580EInterprofessional Healthcare0.5
CVSPG 535Cardiovascular Sciences Masters Project II1
CVSPG 544Quality & Risk Management for Cardiovascular Sciences2
CVSPG 557Cardiac Congenital Defects & Cardiac Pediatric Perfusion4
CVSPG 563Cardiovascular Perfusion Technology III4
CVSPG 572Clinical Observations & Seminars for Cardiovascular Sciences II2
CVSPG 582Applied Pharmacology for CV Sciences II2
CVSPG 593Cardiovascular Perfusion Practical Laboratory III2

Second Professional Year:

Credit Hours Required:
Summer Quarter
CVSPG 601Clinical Practicum I (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 602Clinical Practicum II (6 weeks)6
Fall Quarter
CVSPG 603Clinical Practicum III (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 604Clinical Practicum IV (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 662Special Techniques in Cardiopulmonary Bypass1
Winter Quarter
CVSPG 605Clinical Practicum V (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 606Clinical Practicum VI (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 663Clinical Modules in Perfusion1
Spring Quarter
CVSPG 607Clinical Practicum VII (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 608Clinical Practicum VIII (6 weeks)6
CVSPG 664Current Trends in Perfusion1