College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus


Clinical Psychology Program

A Dissertation is required for graduation. This is intended as a scholarly work that permits the student an opportunity to enhance their knowledge about a particular clinical area. A committee of faculty members will assist with this process. The Dissertation takes a minimum of nine to 12 months to complete. Students are required to develop a proposal for their project that must be approved by the Dissertation Committee before the project is implemented. The student then completes any data collection and analysis required for the project and completes a written document about the project. Each student must present an oral defense of the project upon its completion. Following the defense, the student must provide the program with copies of the Dissertation that are suitable for binding. With the Program Director's approval, students needing additional time to complete the Dissertation following completion of their internship must register for PSYCG 1820 Dissertation Continuation, a 1 credit course.