College of Health Sciences

Glendale, AZ Campus

12 Month Curriculum

Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

Please note that information provided in the catalog does not establish a contractual relationship between MWU and the student. The Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice completion degree program reserves the right to alter its curriculum, however and whenever it deems appropriate.

Method of Delivery: Online.

Total Quarter Credits in the Professional Program:  54

Total Credit Hours Required:54
Fall Quarter
DNAPG 1510Foundations of Clinical Practice4
DNAPG 1511Systems Thinking and Organizational Leadership3
DNAPG 1512Scholarly Project I6
Winter Quarter
DNAPG 1520Healthcare Policy3
DNAPG 1521Ethics and Informatics3
DNAPG 1522Scholarly Project II6
Spring Quarter
DNAPG 1530Biostatistics and Research: Generating Evidence for Practice4
DNAPG 1531Patient Safety and Health Promotion3
DNAPG 1532Scholarly Project III6
Summer Quarter
DNAPG 1540Education Process and Research6
DNAPG 1541Population Based Care4
DNAPG 1542Scholarly Project IV6