College of Veterinary Medicine

Glendale, AZ Campus

Transfer Admission

College of Veterinary Medicine

Midwestern University CVM may elect to accept transfer students from other veterinary schools as long as these students remain in good academic standing and have an acceptable reason(s) for seeking transfer.  Midwestern University abides by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges' Student Transfer Policy whereby the university "requires written notification from the Dean or Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the school/college in which the student is currently enrolled. The written notification should confirm that the student is currently in good standing based on both academic and conduct factors."

To be considered for transfer, students must meet the College's general requirements for admission. Students must also observe the following procedures:

  1. All inquiries about transfers to Midwestern University should be discussed with the CVM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  2. Applications for transfer must be submitted to the Office of Admissions.
  3. Completed applications submitted to the Office of Admissions must include transcripts from the previous veterinary school, class rank, and a statement giving the reason for the request to transfer. 
  4. Completed applications are forwarded to the CVM Admissions Committee and to the Dean.

Advanced Standing
All requests for advanced standing by admitted, transfer or enrolled students are processed on a course-by-course basis by the Office of the Dean. A student must submit a letter to the Office of the Dean in which the student lists the course(s) in which he or she is requesting advanced standing. The student must provide an official course description(s), a transcript, and a syllabus (syllabi) of the course(s) previously taken. All requests must be submitted prior to the start of the course being considered. The recommendation to grant or deny advanced standing will be made by the Dean in consultation with the department. It is expected that a minimum grade equal to a "B" would have been achieved in the class being petitioned.