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A retake may be offered when formal repetition of an entire course or a portion of the course is required due to course failure, or in some programs when a "D" letter grade has been earned. A course may be retaken when any of the following occur:

  1. No reexamination is offered by the department.
  2. The student has failed the reexamination.
  3. The student fails to meet eligibility criteria for reexamination, if offered by the course director.

It is the decision of the Student Promotion and Graduation/Preclinical Promotions/Clinical Promotions/Academic Review Committee of each college/school/program to recommend a retake of a course. The committee, following department approval, will determine the nature of the retake and the timeframe for completion of the repeated course. The course may be repeated at MWU or at an outside institution, if offered. The options for repeating a course at MWU may include any format, not limited to, a directed readings remedial course with examination, to repeating the course in its entirety the next academic year. In either case, the student must be registered for the course and will be charged the appropriate tuition. The maximum allowable grade that can be earned as a course retake is determined by college policy. 

A course at an outside institution that is eligible as a replacement for the course that the student failed at MWU, must be approved by the department or program that offers the course at MWU as a satisfactory replacement for the failed course. A student must earn a minimum grade of "C" (not C-) in a replacement course completed at an outside institution in order to apply the credit toward the degree requirements of the college or program. Students are responsible for all costs associated with repeating a failed course at another institution.