Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA

Director - Institute for Healthcare Innovation
Assistant Professor

Midwestern University
Institute for Healthcare Innovation
Glendale Hall, Room 201-20
19555 N. 59th Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85308

Office: (623) 806-7655


B.S. Biology University of Missouri-Columbia 1991
D.V.M. Veterinary Medicine University of Missouri-Columbia 1995
M.S. Veterinary Anatomy University of Missouri-Columbia 1995
M.B.A Logistics & International Business Arizona State University 2003


The Institute for Healthcare Innovation collaborates with various colleges and departments to coordinate internally and externally funded research projects.  My research is focused on clinical trials and translational medicine in the areas of biomaterials, tissue regeneration, antitoxins, and immune modulators.  My research objectives are to reduce medical technology to clinical practice and advance technologies towards commercial entry.  

As such, my approach to project management is not limited to just clinical outcomes, but involves:

My clinical research has largely focused in the areas of comparative ophthalmology (glaucoma, corneal surface diseases, dry eye), orthopedics (bone repair, osteoarthritis), cardiomyopathy, pit viper envenomation, immune mediated disorders (atopic dermatitis, stomatitis) and infectious diseases (fungal and retroviral infections).

Research projects

Project I: Translational / Comparative Research and Clinical Trials
My academic research projects focus on conducting clinical studies in companion animals (pilot studies through regulated studies).  I am involved with several studies, either as the Principal Investigator (PI) or study director.  The following is a short list of comparative/translational studies I am involved in:

Evaluation of a novel non-antibiotic antimicrobial in dogs with otitis externa (2017-current)
Evaluation of an endothelin agonist in canine degenerative myelopathy (2017-current)

Evaluation of a stem cell treatment in dogs with osteoarthritis (2017)
Evaluation of a tumor specific imaging agent in dogs with solid neoplasia (2017-current)
Clinical efficacy of a novel beta-catenin inhibitor in dogs with osteosarcoma (2017-current)
Bacterial metagenomics in canine otitis externa (2017-current)
Envenomation events in humans and dogs - demographics and correlations (2017-current)

Project II: Development of Peptide Immunotherapeutics
I am concerned with the research and development of new immune modulators and evaluating the immunological changes in dogs.  We are advancing projects that use peptides to either engage the T-cell receptor or work by other innate and adaptive immune modulation to restore and/or stimulate specific and non-specific immune responses.  A component to these projects surround commercial feasibility, scale-up manufacturing costs, and marginal profit analysis to ensure a end-use product can be commercially viable for specific indications of use.

Project III: Development of Novel Medical Devices
I am concerned with the research and development of new biomaterials and medical devices for use in human and veterinary applications.  My prior research in resorbable and non-resorbable biomaterials has lead to commercialization of both human and veterinary devices for orthopedics and ophthlmology. My current research focuses on similar biomedical devices, acellular scaffolds, or cellular therapies that can be used to augment tissue repair and/or regeneration by modulating progenitor cell recruitment, neovascularization, and other mechanisms to facilitate clinical outcomes.

Selected Publications