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Midwestern University is dedicated to effect change, overcome inequities, promote greater diversity, and establish a culture of inclusivity that celebrates diversity. We pledge our commitment to undo inequities that exist in policies and practices, advance values of diversity and inclusion, and to create a truly equitable environment for faculty, staff, and students.  Therefore, we pledge the following actions:

  • We will listen to the concerns and suggestions of students related to improved curriculum and community outreach opportunities.
  • We will conduct a systemic review of all policies and procedures to assure continued equal treatment of all faculty, staff, and students.
  • We will work diligently to recruit more underrepresented minority students to all the health professions.
  • We will recognize the value of a diverse faculty, staff, and administration and continue efforts to recruit and retain employees from different racial, ethnic, economic and cultural backgrounds regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation or disability status.
  • We will increase training and development offerings on topics of Diversity & Inclusion, Bias, and Microaggressions.
  • We will create processes for faculty, staff, and students to communicate concerns or incidents of discrimination, bias, or harassment.
  • We will create grant opportunities for research teams to examine ways to improve the delivery of health care and eliminate the health care disparities in underserved, minority communities.
  • We will increase programming and proactively speak out against acts of racial and social injustice.

Midwestern University is an academic institution that has historically stood on principles, mission, and values.  We recognize that supporting diversity and engagement is an important aspect of those principles.  Midwestern University is committed to building a more diverse, more inclusive academic community and promoting equity for all.


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