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Safety and Security Officers patrol the campus (pathways, buildings, residence facilities and events).  Safety and Security Officers have authority anywhere on the main campus and anywhere on the Multi-Specialty Clinic campus.


Patrol Officers are assigned to one of three shifts to provide around the clock security services to the University community.  Patrol Officers patrol the campus in marked patrol vehicles, mountain bikes and on foot.  Officers respond to reports of crime, traffic crashes, reports of suspicious activity, and requests for assistance ranging from medical issues to persons locked out of the offices/residences.  Safety and Security Officers conduct initial investigations of most incidents which occur on campus to determine if police should be contacted for more formal reports and or issues of life safety/criminal acts. 

Bike Unit Patrol

Midwestern University Safety and Security began utilizing bicycles in 2016.  The unit currently consists of two specially trained officers.  It allows officers to be more engaging with the community, while still being mobile.  The unit deploys a "police-rated" mountain bike to withstand the daily ride.  It is designed to handle both on-road and off-road terrain.  It has enhance suspension and rugged tires.  Officers must attend (32) hours of certification training through IPMBA prior to being assigned to the Bike Unit.  This training includes riding up and down stairs, obstacle negotiation, endurance rides and basic maintenance skills.

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