Traffice & Parking Regulations

Traffic / Parking Regulations

Since Midwestern University is a self contained campus and private property, University Safety & Security Officers enforce traffic laws to protect the campus community, reduce risk of vehicle crashes, raise safety for pedestrians and maintain an orderly traffic flow in and around campus.

Parking Procedures (Both students and employees are subject to citation)        

Parking permits are required to park on Midwestern University Property. Midwestern University Safety and Security
patrol the parking lots and issue citations for infractions of University parking regulations.  The following is a brief list of
parking infractions:

  • Improperly displayed permit
  • Park in Roadway
  • Park on grass/turf/meadow
  • Park within 15ft. of a Fire Hydrant
  • Parking in a handicap space
  • Parking in a fire lane
  • Parking in a striped area
  • Parking overnight in restricted areas
  • Others as related to safety of pedestrians and motorists

Snow Storms and Parking: (Dec.1 - Apr. 1)

Student Residents must not park in spaces designated by signage that are for snow placement during snow removal.  During snow storms Campus Facilities can remove snow from Resident parking lots, but must pile it in designated areas.  Vehicles which fail to move are  subject to citation.

Parking Permits (FREE, no fees):                                                                 

Parking permits are required to park in all lots.  There are two categories of parking permit. They are: Faculty/Staff and Student.  They must be displayed in the lower left of your windshield.

Parking Citation Appeals:                                                                            

Parking citations may be appealed within (10) days of the date of the citation being issued. 

  • Appeals presented after the 10th 1day, will not be granted.  
  • Appeals can be made by filling out the parking citation appeal form found at the left of this page in the navigation bar. 
  • Appeals are to be submitted to the Office of Safety and Security. 
  • You will receive an email with the outcome of your appeal within (2) weeks of submission. 
  • Appeals which are  denied must be paid at the Office of Safety and Security by Check or Cash only. 
  • Failure to pay fines within (10) days of adjudication or receiving  the citation if not appealed, will be forwarded to the Dean of Students or Human Resources for further action.

Traffic Rules

All motorists on camps property are subject to the Illinois Rules of the Road as adopted by the University through installation of speed limit and stop signs.   Repeated violations of Traffic Rules may result in the revocation of your driving privileges on campus.

  • Speed Limit on campus roads: 15 mph
  • Speed Limit in parking garage(s): 5 mph        
  • You must stop at all Stop Signs      
  • Stop at all Pedestrian Crossings when pedestrians are present




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