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Assessment Outcomes and Reports 

The field of assessment generally and accrediting agencies specifically are increasingly focused upon reviewing direct evidence of the achievement of stated student learning outcomes. Passage of a licensure/certification examination is an example of direct evidence of student learning because the examination and pass criterion are established by a professional organization external to Midwestern University. Most of the Midwestern University degree programs include as one of their stated student learning outcomes the passage of the relevant health professional licensure/certification examination(s). Accordingly, the Midwestern University institution-level, learning-assessment program provides direct evidence of student learning by profiling historically student performance on relevant licensure/certification examinations.  Please refer to the Midwestern University Outcomes Matrix Part 2 report below for non-aggregated licensure/certification examination pass rates at the degree program (major) level. For presentations of both aggregated and individual licensure/certification examination pass rates, please refer to the "MWU Learning Assessment Program Results" reports listed below the MWU Outcomes Matrix.

Additionally, the Midwestern University institution-level, quality assessment program relates indirectly to student learning by providing a quality assessment of factors affecting the learning environment. Please see report presented below under "Assessment Reports: Ongoing/Historical".

In report titles below, "HLC" refers to the Higher Learning Commission , part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Assessment Outcomes

Outcomes Matrices

Learning Assessment Program Overviews

MWU Institutional-Level Learning Assessment Program Overview
MWU Learning Assessment Program Results: FY08 - FY17 [Direct Evidence of Student Learning]

Benchmark Reports - Additional reports available upon request

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Public Disclosure Student Achievement Outcomes

Assessment Reports: Additional reports available upon request

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