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Doctor of Health Science Degree

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DHSC 1621

The Aging Sensory Motor System

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This course provides health professionals with advanced knowledge of the aging sensori-motor system. The course includes normal and pathological changes in the neuro-musculo-skeletal system during middle and late adulthood, as well as the consequences of these changes on human movement. Balance during late adulthood will also be covered. Emphasis will be placed on interpretation and integration of contemporary research investigating the plasticity of the musculoskeletal system throughout middle and late adulthood.

Credits: 4

DHSC 1622

Motor Control in Late Life

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Health professionals will utilize information from the foundation science of motor control for the assessment and treatment of older adults with movement dysfunction. A physical-dynamical approach will guide the examination/evaluation process. Movement performance will be viewed as an emergent feature of individual, task and environmental constraints that are particularized by initial and boundary conditions. Examination procedures and the process by which interventions are identified and executed will be addressed within this framework.

Credits: 4


DHSC 1621 The Aging Sensory Motor System or Permission of the Instructor

DHSC 1623

Comprehensive Geriatric Evaluation

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Health professionals will design and implement comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation programs for geriatric clients including the identification and explanation of all problems, cataloguing of resources and strengths, assessment of service needs, and development of coordinated care plans. Topics cover: 1) components of comprehensive assessment; 2) design, implementation and evaluation of comprehensive assessment; and 3) ongoing management of geriatric assessment programs in medical and community settings.

Credits: 4

PPRAD 1671

Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice

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Credits: 3

PPRAD 1661

Pharmacotherapeutics II

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Credits: 4.5