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Doctor of Health Science Degree

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DHSC 1611

Standardized Assessment of Infants and Children with Disabilities

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Health professionals will analyze: 1) purposes and consequences of standardized and informal testing of infants and children with disabilities; 2) the psychometric properties of specific tests and measures; and 3) evidence supporting the validity of specific test and measures. Students will develop skill in administering standardized assessments and interpreting data generated from standardized assessment tools addressing global child development, motor development and function, social-emotional competence and adaptive behavior.

Credits: 4

DHSC 1612

Interventions for Infants and Children with Disabilities

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Health professionals will analyze: 1) characteristics, structures, and processes associated with effective collaborative teaming and intervention practices; 2) benefits and challenges inherent to working with infants and children with disabilities; 3) evidence to support use of specific interventions at various points in a child's development; and 4) methods for ensuring that intervention is effective, developmentally appropriate and child-centered. Students will develop intervention programs for infants and children in many settings.

Credits: 4

DHSC 1613

Advances in School-Based Services

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This course prepares health professionals to provide effective early intervention and school-based services for infants and children with disabilities. Students will analyze 1) the need for and challenges inherent to working with students with disabilities in school contexts and settings; 2) clinical skills and attitudes for working with other professionals; 3) administration and interpretation of standardized and informal measures; 4) evidence related to school-based practice; and 5) federal, state and local policies that influence the delivery of therapy services in schools.

Credits: 4

DHSC 1714

Advanced Practice: Families of Infants and Children with Disabilities

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Health professionals will acquire the specialized knowledge and expert skills underlying developmentally appropriate and clinically relevant interventions with infants and children with disabilities and their families. Students analyze research on factors that shape individual and family functioning to develop a deep understanding of families' perspectives and experiences. Cultural sensitivity, cultural competence, collaborative service delivery models, and processes that support effective partnerships among professionals and parents are emphasized.

Credits: 4

DHSC 1715

Independent Study in Pediatric Therapy

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This is an intensive course requiring self directed learning related to a specific component of pediatrics. The purpose of this course is to provide each student with an in-depth understanding of the body of literature underpinning the student's scholarly project. The plan includes the student's individual course objectives, scope of work to be accomplished, and grading criteria.

Credits: 1-4


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