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Doctor of Health Science Degree

The student will complete a scholarship project in his/her emphasis area at a depth and breadth that is suitable for dissemination in a peer reviewed venue. Four areas of scholarship are appropriate for the DHS degree scholarly project: scholarship of discovery, scholarship of integration, scholarship of application or scholarship of practice. The proposal must be approved by a Scholarly Project Committee comprised of a faculty supervisor who agrees to supervise the student during the implementation of the project and two faculty members approved by the DHS degree program coordinator. With the permission from the DHS degree program coordinator, the student may complete this requirement before completing all of the core and emphasis area courses.

Course Name

DHSC 1741

Scholarly Project Proposal

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Students will write a proposal for their scholarship project that clearly articulates the area of scholarship (discovery, integration, application or practice), background, goals, methods appropriate to the goals, relevance within the realm of inquiry, plan for the construction, implementation and evaluation of the scholarly work, plans for a written report that is suitable for dissemination (publication or presentation) in a peer reviewed venue, and a tentative timetable.

Credits: 1-4

DHSC 1842-1844

Scholarship Project

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The scholarship project is completed according to the timetable in the approved proposal. Project changes inconsistent with the proposal and all substantive changes must be approved by the Scholarship Project Committee and DHS degree program coordinator. The Scholarship Project Committee evaluates the scholarly work and written report using criteria consistent with goals and expectations in the approved proposal and prevailing standards for publication in peer review venues appropriate for the scholarship area.

Credits: 1-12