Degree Description

Program Objectives

Doctor of Health Science Degree

Upon completion of the DHS degree, graduates are expected to be able to:

  1. Evaluate and validate clinical practice through scientific investigation;
  2. Analyze and influence public policy related to healthcare services;
  3. Evaluate, synthesize, utilize and disseminate the scholarship related to discovery, integration, application and teaching;
  4. Utilize evidence-based practice and outcomes assessment and scientific thinking for making clinical decisions;
  5. Synthesize the scholarship related to a specific area of practice and use it to develop novel solutions to practice problems;
  6. Write and defend a proposal for a scholarly project; and
  7. Complete a scholarly project in an emphasis area at a depth and breadth that is suitable for dissemination in a peer-reviewed venue.

These objectives are accomplished through:

  1. An innovative interdisciplinary program;
  2. Individualized plans of study that are collaboratively developed by a student and a faculty advisor;
  3. A strong foundation of content in the scholarship of health professional practice;
  4. An emphasis on scholarly thinking, complex clinical decision-making, outcomes analysis, and evidence-based practice;
  5. An educational environment designed to promote learning; and
  6. Coursework offered in a variety of formats including evening and weekend on-campus instruction, web-based instruction and small group independent study.