Downers Grove, IL Campus

Redwood Hall I

Redwood Hall I is a modern student residence facility that features 80 single occupancy residence hall rooms. Each room includes a bathroom shared by two adjoining residents, air conditioning, wireless Internet, DirecTV, wall-to-wall carpeting, bed, built-in closet, dresser, desk and chair, and wardrobe. Five single occupancy rooms are available with private bathrooms. Each floor has a kitchenette, study room and laundry.

Redwood Hall II

Redwood Hall II features a variety of floor plans, with single occupancy rooms for 131 residents. Each room includes a private or shared bathroom, air conditioning, wireless Internet, DirecTV, wall-to-wall carpeting, bed, built-in,  dresser, and desk and chair. There are laundry facilities available on each floor, with two full sized kitchens housed in the lower level of the building. Redwood Hall II also houses the Dorothy and Ward Perrin Interfaith Chapel.

Traditional Residence Halls

The Traditional Residence Halls comprises five connected residence halls (Aspen Hall, Birch Hall, Chestnut Hall, Dogwood Hall, Elm Hall) and a central recreation lounge. Each hall  features 36  single occupancy rooms.  Each room includes a bathroom shared by adjoining residents, wireless Internet, DirecTV, wall-to-wall carpeting,  bed and built-in closets, dresser and desk and chair.  Birch Hall has been recently remodeled, and has moveable furniture. There are laundry facilities in each residence hall. Forest Lodge is the centrally located recreation room which contains a full-sized kitchen.

The Pines Apartments

The Pines Apartments are tucked away between two groves of trees, providing both the convenience of on-campus living and the privacy of an apartment. Each of the 48 apartments one-bedroom apartments offers 500 square feet of living space, wireless Internet, DirecTV, kitchenette with stove and refrigerator; and central air conditioning and heating units.  Apartments are furnished by student occupants.

Incoming students can apply for housing on the Student portal

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Residence Life Handbook 2011-2012

MWU Fire Safety Plan for Residence Halls


Office of Residential Life

Housing tours are available on Tuesday and Thursday by appointment only.

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