The official AACOMAS application deadline is January 1st; however, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early in the cycle. Due to the large number of applications and the limited number of seats available, applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis only until all seats are filled. Typically, 50% of all admissions offers are made by the end of December.

  1. AACOMAS Application - January 1st Deadline
    To initiate the application process, all applicants must apply online via the centralized application service administered by AACOM at The AACOMAS application is typically available in May or June. As part of this process, students must submit official MCAT scores (for tests taken no more than 3 years prior to the matriculation date) and official transcripts to AACOMAS only. The Office of Admissions will not accept MCAT scores or transcripts submitted directly to Midwestern University. The deadline for submission of the AACOMAS application is January 1st.
  2. CCOM Supplemental Application - March 1st Deadline
    Upon receipt of the AACOMAS application from the application service, the Office of Admissions will e-mail supplemental applications to all applicants who have earned minimum cumulative and science GPAs of 2.75. Applicants must complete and submit their supplemental application forms with all required materials, including a nonrefundable/nonwaivable $50 processing fee, to the Office of Admissions. All supplemental application materials must be received in the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline of March 1st.
  3. Letters of Recommendation - March 1st Deadline
    Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. One letter must be written by a prehealth advisory committee, prehealth advisor or basic science professor who taught the applicant. The second letter must be written by a physician, either a U.S. licensed D.O. or M.D. Letters from osteopathic physicians are strongly recommended. The required letters of recommendation must be received in the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline of March 1st. Letters must adhere to the following guidelines:
    1. The Office of Admissions will accept letters of recommendation received from AACOMAS or submitted directly to the Office of Admissions via Interfolio, VirtualEvals or U.S. postal service;
    2. The full legal name and AACOMAS ID number of the applicant must be on the front page of the recommendation. The applicant provides this information to the evaluators;
    3. Letters must be prepared on letterhead stationery, which includes the complete contact information for evaluators;
    4. The academic degrees of evaluators must be listed (e.g., Ph.D., D.O., M.D.);
    5. Applicants who have previously applied to CCOM must submit new letters of recommendation;
    6. Letters from family members will NOT be accepted.
  4. Completed Applications - March 1st Deadline
    All application materials, including the AACOMAS application, MCAT scores (as reported to AACOMAS), two required letters of recommendation, and all supplemental application materials with the application fee must be received in the Office of Admissions on or before March 1st. Only completed applications received by the Office of Admissions on or before the deadline date will be reviewed for potential enrollment.
  5. Application Reviews and Interview Decisions
    CCOM uses a rolling admissions process to review completed applications and to make interview decisions. Applications will not be reviewed until all required application materials have been received by the Office of Admissions, including the AACOMAS application, official MCAT scores (as reported to AACOMAS), supplemental application materials, processing fee, and both required letters of recommendation. Students must complete their files as soon as possible to remain competitive in this process and to ensure full consideration of their applications.

Please Note: Applicants are responsible for tracking the receipt of their application materials and verifying the status of their required application materials on the University website. Instructions for accessing application information on the University's website will be sent by the Office of Admissions. Applicants should keep the Office of Admissions informed of any changes to the mailing address and e-mail address. All requests for application withdrawals must be in writing. Applicants are expected to act professionally in their interactions with AACOMAS and with CCOM. Candidates are expected to follow AACOMAS applicant protocol at all times.