Downers Grove, IL Campus Catalog / College of Graduate Studies / Post Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine

The Midwestern University College of Graduate Studies Post-Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in Precision Medicine Program is designed as an interdisciplinary professional certificate in applied genomic sciences that aims to prepare healthcare professional students and practicing healthcare professionals to utilize genomic information in the prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and treatment of disease.

Upon completion, students in the Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine Program will have the foundational knowledge needed to:

  1. Comprehend genomic and other ‘omic data, describe how it is created and applied, and demonstrate basic analytical methods;
  2. Determine what those data mean in practical terms for a patient’s physical and mental health, and; 
  3. Utilize their knowledge to determine how that data can best be used to meet the medical needs of individual patients or populations.

The Program both complements and expands the mission of Midwestern University to meet the educational needs of the healthcare community by preparing students for the new era of applied genomics in medicine.  The Post-Graduate Certificate can be pursued as a dual degree or stand-alone option (starting June 2022).  Dual track Post-Graduate Certificate candidates will complete their degree in conjunction with another Midwestern University healthcare professional program.

The stand-alone Post-Graduate Certificate option may be attractive to applicants who have already successfully completed a graduate healthcare professional program and desire to be further trained in the latest applied genomic sciences. Students enrolled in the dual degree or stand-alone option of the Post-Graduate Certificate in Precision Medicine Program will enhance their medical knowledge, understand genetic and genomic applications, and expand their career options upon completion of the Program.