A student enrolled in the Clinical Psychology Program must pass all Psy.D. courses with a minimum grade of B- or P and maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or higher to achieve satisfactory academic progress. A course grade of <B- is considered a course failure and will appear on the student's transcript as an F.

If a student fails a course, the student may be required by the Program's Student Academic Review Committee to retake that course. Students will not be required to retake an elective course, but may be permitted to do so. Students will only be able to retake a failed course once. To successfully retake the course, the student needs to achieve a grade of B- or better in a graded course or a P in a Pass/Fail course. If a student fails the retaken course it will be considered as another failure by the Student Academic Review Committee and will be addressed accordingly in conjunction with the College of Health Sciences (CHS) academic policies.

Students who fail a course with a course average below 80% (B-) at the end of the quarter, may be eligible for re-examination of their lowest exam/project grade in the form of a cumulative exam or equivalent assessment.  The course director will specify in the course syllabus which exams or grades are eligible for replacement and what type of re-examination will be utilized. A student will only be eligible for reexamination if the replacement of the lowest grade (project or examination) by a grade of 80% will allow the student to pass the course.  The maximum grade to be awarded upon reexamination is 80% and maximum grade for the course is 80% (B-).  Faculty members are available to answer specific questions but no formal review sessions will be conducted.  Preparation for reexamination is largely an independent study endeavor.  Students may only take one reexamination in a single course. The maximum number of reexaminations in the Clinical Psychology Program is two (2).  Reexaminations will be scheduled by the course director, and all reexaminations must be completed prior to the start of the next quarter unless otherwise approved by the Program Director.  Any student failing to take the reexamination on the scheduled date will receive a grade of zero (0) for the reexamination and fail the course.  If reexamination results in failure, students will not have successfully completed all academic requirements in order to progress in the program.  The student will be referred to the Academic Review Committee (ARC). 

To progress to the next quarter, a student must satisfactorily complete all academic requirements for the preceding quarter. Students who have not satisfactorily completed all academic requirements in order to progress in the program will be referred to the Student Academic Review Committee. The Student Academic Review Committee will review the student's academic record according to the College of Health Sciences academic policies and make a recommendation to the CHS Dean. Recommendations may include a leave of absence until the student can successfully complete the necessary Program requirements, or other academic consequences including dismissal.