In addition to academic grades, competency checkpoints are assessed throughout the program related to the Program's required competency domains. Failure to demonstrate required satisfactory performance on a program competency that is part of a course will lead to a course failure (grade of F). All program competency exams must be passed with a minimum grade of B- on a graded exam or a P on a Pass/Fail exam. If a student does not perform satisfactorily on a program-based competency, one retest for that competency will be allowed. Retest of the competency must be completed prior to the start of the next quarter unless otherwise approved by the Program director, or in the case of the Qualifying Examination, the next time the examination is offered. 

To satisfactorily pass a competency retest, students will need to obtain the equivalent of a minimum grade of B- on a graded exam or a grade of P on a Pass/Fail exam. In cases where demonstration of competency is part of a course, students who satisfactorily pass the competency retest may only receive the minimal passing course grade (B- in graded course, P in Pass/Fail course). Failing a competency retest indicates that the student is unable to demonstrate the required competency during the course and will result in a course grade of F. It will result in the student's referral to the Student Academic Review Committee. Failures in courses containing these program-based competencies will be addressed by the Student Academic Review Committee according to the College of Health Sciences academic policies.