Students enter practicum training if they are making satisfactory progress in the program and receive approval of the Program Director, Director of Clinical Training, and the Academic Review Committee. The Director of Clinical Training assists students in the application process for practicum placements to facilitate an appropriate match between training site characteristics and students' interests. Practicum is a field experience at an off-campus clinical training site for a minimum of 9 months and up to 12 months that are consecutive.  Practicum training is completed at numerous hospitals, agencies, and organizations throughout the Chicagoland area. The specific clinical focus of the experience varies according to the student's needs, interests, services provided at the training site, and availability of practicum sites.  Students typically work approximately 16 to 24 hours per week in a clinical setting. The practicum experiences in diagnostic, therapy, and advanced total approximately 1,800 hours over three years. Typically, the student completes a diagnostic practicum in the second year of study, a therapy practicum in the third year, and an advanced practicum in the fourth year. Practicum placements may require work in the summer months, over holiday periods, and during breaks in the academic calendar.  All students in the five year program must successfully complete practicum experiences in the second, third and fourth years of study. Students electing the four year option must successfully complete practicum experiences in the second and third years of study. Students must also complete a concurrent practicum seminar on campus for any year in which they are enrolled in a practicum. In order to receive credit for practicum, students must pass both the Practicum and Practicum Seminar Blocks in which they are enrolled. For more information, refer to the current Clinical Psychology Practicum Training Manual and the Practicum Search Manual.