Problems may arise that may necessitate the restructuring of a student's academic course load. Accordingly, an individual's academic course load may be reduced so that the student enters what is termed an extended track repeat year program. Such a program rearranges the course schedule so that the normal time period for the program is extended, usually by one additional year. Only enrolled students may enter an extended program. To enter an extended program, either one or both of the following conditions must be met:

  1. Personal hardship. If a student is experiencing unusual stresses in life and a decreased academic load could alleviate added stress, the student may petition the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee through the Dean or the Dean’s designee for an extended program. This petition is not automatically granted and is approved only in exceptional circumstances. The Committee is responsible for evaluating the petition and submitting a recommendation concerning a student's request for an extended program to the Dean or the Dean’s designee. The Dean or the Dean’s designee is responsible for reviewing and assessing the Committee's recommendation, and then notifying the student of a decision.

  2. Academic. As described above, a student ending an academic year with an annual GPA of less than 2.000 will be required to repeat courses or pharmacy practice experiences from that year in which "F" grades were received. A student may be placed in an extended track program for academic reasons through a decision by the Dean or the Dean’s designee upon recommendation of the Student Promotion and Graduation Committee. A student placed on an extended track program for academic reasons is automatically placed on academic probation and may not be returned to good academic standing until the student successfully completes all course that were unsatisfactory and are required for graduation.

If a student is placed on an extended program, such action does not modify or limit the Committee's actions for dismissal. In general, a student is allowed to go through an extended program only once. Thus, the student may be dismissed for academic reasons while on an extended program.

A student who completes the extended program is defined as a reentering student as the student reenters the next professional year curriculum and resumes a normal course load. A reentering student must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.000 at the end of each quarter to continue at the College. A reentering student who earns a grade of “F’ in one course or pharmacy practice experience may be dismissed from the College.