Midwestern University Clinics

Downers Grove, IL Campus

The Midwestern University Multispecialty Clinic includes the Dental Institute, a Family Medicine Practice, an Eye Institute, a Speech-Language Institute, a Physical Therapy Institute and other health services designed to meet a wide-range of healthcare needs. The clinic is located at 3450 Lacy Road, Downers Grove, IL 60515.

The Multispecialty Clinic features fully-licensed practitioners and graduate-level students who work together to provide the best healthcare available. As a community-based clinic, it offers patient services with convenient centralized scheduling, easy inter-specialty referrals, and several specialty areas under one roof.

The Dental Institute features a team of University faculty and student dentists who use the latest technology and treatments to provide quality care - at about half the cost. The care is performed by student dentists in their 3rd and 4th years of extensive professional education and overseen by licensed faculty members.

To make an appointment at a Midwestern University clinic or to learn more, call 630-743-4500.