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Multipurpose Room


The Downers Grove CSC is available for use by all Midwestern University students, faculty, and affiliated healthcare professionals when used as part of an approved CSC event or activity. The additional use of any outside equipment must be cleared by center staff.

Exam RoomsExam Room





Hospital SimulationHospital Room


Operating RoomsMock Surgery




Multipurpose RoomMultipurpose Room




Classroom and Control RoomsControl Room




Task Trainer Resources

      IV/Venipuncture Arms
Arterial Puncture Wrist Trainers
Arterial Puncture Arm
Blood Pressure Trainers
Blood Pressure Trainers w/IPOD control
Central Venous Access Trainer
Femoral Line Access Trainer
AED Trainers
Electrocardiograms with cart
Infant Intraosseous Trainers
Baby Hippy Trainer
Joint Injection Trainers - Shoulder
Joint Injection Trainers - Bent Knee
Joint Injection Trainers - Wrist
Joint Injection Trainers - Elbow
Injection Pad Trainers
Local Anesthesia Arms
Ingrown Toenail Kit
Lumbar Puncture Trainers - Adult
Lumbar Puncture Trainers - Peds
OtoSim/PneumatoSim Ear Trainer
Ear Models
Eye Models
Adult Intubation Heads
Child Intubation Heads
Infant Intubation Heads
Cricothyrotomy Trainers
Thoracentesis (Chest Tube) Trainers
ZACH Male Trainers
Gyn/Aid Gynecologic Trainers
Cervical Dilation and Effacement Models
Birthing Trainers
Male/Female Catheterization Trainers
Pelvic Light Systems
Single Breast Models with pathology
Double Breast Models
Nasogastric Tube Trainers
Advanced Technology
Sonosite Ultrasounds with Transducers
Student Auscultation Manikin(SAM)
LapVR(Digital Laparoscopy Trainer)
EndoVR(Digital Endoscopy Trainer)