Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patients are everyday people who have been trained to portray patients during an exam room interview and physical examination with students in the medical professions. As part of the curriculum, medical schools now use Standardized Patients (SPs) to depict realistic patient interactions and presentations of disease. SPs discuss their symptoms with a medical student during a simulated patient interview and physical examination. The SPs then evaluate and give feedback to the student on their interpersonal communication skills. The SP role provides the opportunity for a student to learn or be evaluated on skills firsthand, in a safe environment.

Medical professions included in the simulations: 

Here at Midwestern University, SPs work under the guidance of Mary Hendershott, the Standardized Patient Program Manager. Our SPs are trained to portray a wide range of patient scenarios for the instruction, assessment, and practice of communication and examining skills of the student healthcare provider. We provide a safe and supportive environment conducive for learning and standardized assessment of the student.

Standardized patients may take great pride in their jobs here because, as members of the Midwestern University Standardized Patient team, they play a vital and pivotal role. Their role prepares our students for their clinical-skills rotations with actual patients, helps them prepare for their national board certification exams with the goal of ultimately becoming some of the finest patient-care professionals in the world.

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