Groups and Workshops

Current Groups

Friends, Family, Partners-Relationships are Hard!   

Drop in for an open-table discussion on all things relationship hosted by the Counseling Center.              

WHEN: Every Monday, 5:15-6:15pm, beginning 6/11/18           

WHERE: Redwood Hall, Room 105A 

Topics are flexible, will vary from week-to-week, and will be announced every Monday via email.              

Questions? Contact Paul Quanbeck at

Self-Care and Wellness Group

Tired of feeling stressed out?

Come to the Self-Care and Wellness Group to learn strategies to increase your sense of wellness, as well as benefit by sharing/exchanging your own self-care challenges and successes with other group members.               

WHEN: Every Wednesday, 12:10-1:00pm, beginning 10/03/18           

WHERE: Redwood Hall, Room 105A            

Questions? Contact Dr. Heather Stewart at  

Upcoming Workshops

Optimize Your Study Routine

It's not about how much time you have; it's about how you use the time you have!  Join Rachel Hall, Learning Specialist, for a workshop focused on making the most out of the study time you have.    

WHEN: Tuesday, March 12th @12:10-1:00pm           

WHERE: Alumni Hall, Room 151

Questions? Contact Rachel Hall at 

Get to Know Someone Fabulous -- You!

Join Paul Quanbeck from Counseling Services for a workshop on the importance of self-awareness.       

 Wednesday, March 20th @5:15-6:00pm           

WHERE: Redwood Hall, Room 105A

Questions? Contact Paul Quanbeck at

The Secret to Success: A Student's Search for Happiness and Meaning

Struggling to find happiness and meaning at times during the monotony of relentless studying?  If so, join Dr. Krohn for a workshop where we will explore ways to feel happier and more fulfilled in your life as a professional student. 

WHEN: Tuesday, March 26th @12:10-1:00pm           

WHERE: Redwood Hall, Room 105A

Questions? Contact Dr. Krohn at

Transitions: Opportunities for Growth

Healthcare professional students face many stressful transitions, including entering professional school, taking on student loan debt, starting rotations, graduating, moving, finding one's first job in the field, and changes in relationship status.  Even if transitions are positive they can take an emotional toll. 

WHEN: Tuesday, April 2nd @12:10-1:00pm           

WHERE: Redwood Hall, Room 105A

Questions? Contact Dr. Stewart at 

Group FAQ's

Is group confidential?

All group members must consent to keeping information about the group and its participants confidential.  Confidentiality allows for the development of rapport and trust when exploring concerns.

How much should I share in group?
Each group member controls what, how much, and when information is shared in the group. 

I have trouble talking about myself in groups.  How will group work for someone like me?
It is normal to experience some initial feelings of anxiety about participating in group.  However, counselors understand this and aim to provide an optimal and safe setting for students to address their concerns.  Group also offers the opportunity to learn how to express thoughts and feelings with others.

What if I have nothing to talk about in group?
Group can also help you by listening to others and thinking about how their concerns and coping skills may apply to your life.

How many students are in the group?
Typically, groups have 3-5 students in addition to a group counselor.